Academic Calender

Revolving around Christian Tradition the terms are divided into Advent (First), Lent (Second) and Trinity (Third). The academic year is from September to July and the significant activities include Cultural Interaction, Literacy Day, and Christmas Program in the advent term.

Academic Structure


The programmes are;

  • Kinder care —
  •  Pre-School — Crèche —- KG2 (Numeracy, Literacy, Environmental Studies, RME, Nature & Science, Music and Dance, Conversation, Language Activity, English (Dictation, Writing, and Reading), Creativity)
  • Lower Primary – Grade 1 – 3 (English, Basic Maths, Natural Science, ICT, French, Akuapem Twi, Creative Arts, RME)
  • Upper Primary – Grade 4 – 6 (English, Maths, Integrated Science, RME, Citizenship Education, Creative Arts, French, Akuapem Twi, I.C.T)
  • Junior High – 1-3 (Social Studies, English, Maths, Integrated Science, RME, Akuapem Twi, French, BDT (Pre-Tech, Visual Arts & Home Econs), I.C.T)

Major Events For The Term

  • Literacy Day
  • Prefectorial Elections
  • X’mas Celebration
  • Project Presentation
  • Battle of brains.